Cintamani Tree?

Welcome to 여의주나무, which means cintamani tree in Korean. Cintamani is a magical pearl that makes one’s wishes come true. Asian dragons usually have it between their jaws. Cintamani tree means everything I post on the website takes me to where I want to go, makes me what I was meant to be.

Find and Grow Yours

All people have their own cintamani in their mind. You will want to watch me how I grow this tree here. Also, I want you to grow your own tree and let me know how much you have grown it and how much you will have grown it at some point.

You Will Want To Know

This website could be a good communication channel for anyone who is interested in Korea. I am not a native speaker of English so my English might be unfamiliar or unusual to native speakers, however I believe you understand about a lot more of Korea before you find my website. I try to offer you sincere information through my contents. While you are staying here, I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Thank you.

Korean Books

Introduction Korean Books to the world with individual and subjective perspective.


Lots of local attractions of Korea at which you would love to stay everyday.


The latest perspecitve is reflected on the news with visiting the era.

Cross The Threshold

Documentary that a human decides and does something everyday and crosses the threshold.

Learning English

A practical guide for Korean who wants to learn English and improve it efficiently.

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